Assignment Help: research paper on transportation safety and security

This course requires you to submit a research paper on transportation safety and security. Using Seatac International Airport conduct a security review based on open source information about the facility collected online or from a visit to the location. Because of security issues you will not be able to obtain detailed information. You will be forced to make an assumption as to what security the transportation facility has or does not have and based on what you learned in the course and what information you have obtained about the site you selected, develop a written transportation security program.

Papers that do not address this topic, but focus instead on other important, but irrelevant issues will not grade well. The paper is to be 10-15 pages, written in current APA format, and free of spelling and grammar errors. APA format with a cover page, headers, numbered pages, table of contents, abstract, body of the report, and at least 5 references is required.

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