Buy Research Paper Online-Psychological disorders and personality theory and assesment

Psychological disorders and personality theory and assesment

Ready to be all-powerful? This first introspection requires you to build an abnormal “person.” That’s right, a pure abnormal human-being from every significant perspective of psychological human experience. Specifically, you’ll be building a person that is affectively, behaviorally, cognitively, and perceptually abnormal. Additionally, you’ll address WHY this person is abnormal. 

Describe and introspect (i.e., why) on the affects, behaviors, cognitions, and perceptions of your absolutely abnormal person

Come-up with a technical name for your syndrome.

Describe this abnormal person’s environment. That is, address this person’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development, up-bringing, family, and current living situation.

Describe a typical day (a full 24-hour period) in this abnormal person’s life.

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