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Team Leadership/Management Style

From Sarin and O’Connor (2009) article, we can understand the characteristics of team leaders and how they should act with other team members in order to make sure that assigned work is carried out. These team leaders must be able to resolve any conflicts and also collaborate with others through communicating with them. In this article, authors found some information from a survey containing 246 members from 64 new product development teams recommend that participative management will have more influence on team members in directing them to achieve goals. Team leaders have major role in creating best atmosphere for employees to work and also motivate them in order to achieve objectives of an organization.

Further efficiency of leaders is originated from power of leaders they posses to influence others, and also interaction. Qualities of leader and how he is going to take action when they are faced with new situations are the characteristics a leader should possess. Participative leadership explains about participation of other team members who are invited by leaders in process of decision making. Leaders will consider input of members as well as taking their suggestions into consideration while making decisions. This way we can understand that leaders have more influence on his members in the team (Sarin, O’Connor, 2009).

Charismatic leadership: here leaders who follow charismatic leadership will treat with persuasiveness and charm and they are driven solely on their commitments and convictions to achieve their goals. I worked under this type of leader, where he is skilled in communication so that he can keep his audience attracted to him. We can say that persons who are attracted to him will have same opinions or share passion. They will inspire devotion among audiences and these audiences will follow his views in any matter and also motivates others to work. This charismatic leader should possess self confidence and believe in them and expressing their confidence in completing a project on time among employees will make him strong leader. Risk taking is another characteristic where he convinces others easily. These leaders will help employees to see their own potential and improve further. Employing creative methods in solving problems, finishing tasks and beginning new projects also charismatic leaders thrive on innovative technologies and asks other team members to be more creative while developing new projects. By following above said views, success rate of charismatic leadership is high and working with them will definitely increase our skills and knowledge (Roberts, 2017).


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