Homework Help: An Ecumenical View of World Religions & Hinduism

Journal Reflection 1

**Need to be on: An Ecumenical View of World Religions & Hinduism……(both topics)

Please write this journal reflection no less then 200 words, make sure journal has excellent grammar, and is original.

REL 223 – Religions of the World: East and West

Journal Guidelines and Rubric

Guidelines The journal is to be an example of the student’s ability to write and analyze the material he or she is reading. An attempt should be made to integrate material from the myriad of books and notes in this course.

Journal entries should be made for each of the seven major world religions considered. Your journal should contain complete sentences and be grammatically correct. While you are reading, write down what goes on in your head in “stream of consciousness” style in the margins of your book, in a notebook, or in a computer file. You will be making a record of images, associations, feelings, thoughts, judgments, etc. You will probably find that the record contains:

 Questions that you ask yourself about the narrative and events as you read (answer these yourself when you can).  Memories from your own experiences provoked by the reading.  Guesses about how the text might proceed and why.  Reflections on striking moments and ideas in the book.  Comparisons between how you behave and how the author describes actions and behavior.  Thoughts and feelings about content.  Comments on how the story is being told. For example, write any words and phrases that make an impression on you, or motifs/themes which you notice the author using.  Connections to other texts, ideas, and courses.

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