Write My Term Paper-Co-occurring Disorders

Co-occurring Disorders

Ensuring delinquent youths receive adequate services when in detention is a crucial step in preventing recidivism. Examples of such services are education, vocational training, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment. While the treatment of a single disorder, such as alcohol dependence, is fairly straightforward, the treatment of co-occurring disorders is more complex and poses special challenges. The term “co-occurring disorders” refers to the presence of two or more disorders at the same time. A co-occurring disorder typically consists of a substance abuse issue and a mental health issue, but other combinations exist.


For this assignment, research co-occurring disorders, especially as they relate to youth in detention facilities, and present your findings in a 3- to 5-page paper. In particular, note which disorders are most commonly present at the same time.

In your paper, include answers to the following questions:

What special problems do co-occurring disorders present to detention facility officials?

Are co-occurring disorders classified in any particular way? Explain.

What types of treatment methods are used to treat co-occurring disorders?

What is the general prognosis for youth diagnosed with co-occurring disorders?

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