Write My Term Paper-Treatment Plan for Stabilizationreatment Plan for Stabilization

An important part of the skills you will improve in developing appropriate interventions is designing a treatment plan focusing on stabilization that is appropriate to the particular client treated.

In this assignment, you will create a treatment plan for stabilization based on the information provided in the vignette.


You are the crisis intervention counselor at the hospital where Alice is hospitalized. After obtainiWrite My Term Paper-Treatment Plan for Stabilizationed below:

Your first part of the response should include how you will achieve the following:

The development of a therapeutic relationship, given the fact that Alice may not think she needs your services

The client’s physical and emotional wellbeing

The establishment or restoration of a normal routine for the client

The second part of the response should include your treatment plan for the identified problem, behavioral description, long-term goals, short-term objectives, and therapeutic interventions.

Use the given template to complete both parts of your a

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