Annotated Bibliography Writing Services: develop, design and oversee the District’s implementation of facilities’ security devices, patrols, and alarms. Further, develop and maintain a secure environment in conjunction with the District’s goal of a safe learning and working environment.

Effective Date Job Title Index

1. Primary Functions

To manage and direct the security operations of the District and to coordinate all security planning pertaining to personal safety of students, staff and the public.

Please develop, design and oversee the District’s implementation of facilities’ security devices, patrols, and alarms. Further, develop and maintain a secure environment in conjunction with the District’s goal of a safe learning and working environment.

2. Responsibilities:

2.01 Plans, develops, and directs the District security and personal safety program, including comprehensive procedures and policies that pertain to the security of all District locations.

2.02 Advises emergency management specialist on standard operating procedures, incident command, and school site support.

2.03 Participates in District incident command and Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Acts as incident commander when required and necessary.

2.04 Manages and evaluates the current technical security systems and makes recommendations for additional sensors and systems with the assistance of various vendors, departments, and locations. Coordinates activities that pertain to facilities and operations with the physical plant department.

2.05 Hires, trains, and supervises school based security specialists in collaboration with building principals. Mentors, coaches, and supports security specialists in their duties.

2.06 Coordinates the activities of security patrols and standing guard responses with various contracted services and responds to after hour calls (e.g., potential break-in situations).

2.07 Assists Director of Safety and Risk Management Services (SRMS) in coordinating training for District staff, security presentations, and providing resources to District administrators in the areas of personal security, emergency response, threat assessment, and security operations.

2.08 Provides expertise in physical security, personal safety and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

2.09 Compiles, analyzes, evaluates, and collects personal safety and security risk information and statistics; develops reports for all appropriate locations/departments regarding any security risks, e.g., threats, restraining orders, inappropriate communications, etc.

2.10 Manages an incident tracking system for graffiti, vandalism, etc. and coordinates sharing of information with local law enforcement agencies. Investigates incidents involving graffiti, vandalism and break-ins (e.g. takes photos, requests police reports, tracks trends, and provides reports to appropriate locations/departments and agencies.)

2.11 Assists Director of SRMS in analyzing related state, federal, and local laws, guidelines, and new legislation. Assists Director of SRMS in advising District administrators of relevant requirements and their effect on the District.

2.12 Reviews and remains current on security and personal safety trends/issues on a state and national level.

2.13 Serves on community task force committees and collaborations, for example: threat assessment and prevention, suicide assessment and prevention, Firesetter, and sexual misconduct prevention, etc.

2.14 Provides consultation and counsel on security to Career Technical Education Center Programs.

2.15 Collaborates on SRO assignments, interactions, and training. Primary responsibility for the development and delivery of SRO Academy program.


08/01/18 SECURITY MANAGER 3.6.4

Effective Date Job Title Index

2.16 Maintains inventory control of theft sensitive items under $1,000, e.g., computer equipment, radios, etc.

2.17 Performs other duties as assigned.

3. Major Planning Requirements: 3.01 Prepares long- and short-range plans for the personal safety of individuals and the

security of the District. 3.02 Prepares ongoing threat assessment for the District. 3.03 Prepares ongoing personal safety and security training.

4. Key Relationships: 4.01 Director of Safety and Risk Management Services: Reports to this position. 4.02 Managers of Facilities, Director of Transportation, Purchasing Department, Technology

and Information Services; supervises all security specialists; primary contact and liaison for all School Resource Officers (SROs).

4.03 Building administrators: Responds to questions and complaints and provides on-going training and consulting.

4.06 Parents and the public: Responds to questions and complaints. 4.07 Law enforcement

5. Minimum Qualifications:

5.01 Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in security, emergency response, personal safety, business, public administration, criminal justice or a related field; or

5.02 Five years of progressively responsible experience in security, emergency response, and/or emergency preparedness.

5.03 Management experience in security in an educational setting is preferred. 5.04 Previous experience in law enforcement is preferred.

6. Special Requirements: Must possess, or be able to obtain within thirty (30) days of employment, the Private Security Executive Manager License and Private Security Unarmed Trainer Certification in accordance with ORS 181.870 through 181.991.

7. Term of Employment: 12 months.

8. Working Conditions: This position works predominately in the field and occasionally in an

office environment.

9. Physical Requirements: In an eight-hour day the employee may: a. Stand/walk 1 – 6 hours b. Sit 1 – 4 hours c. Bend, kneel, climb four (4) flights of stairs, lift to fifty pounds d. Run over uneven ground in response to emergencies

10. Salary Level: Placement on the administrator salary schedule, Grade 206A.

4.05 Interfaces with student leadership groups. Gathers feedback to improve services and develop relationships. Makes presentations upon request.

4.04 Interfaces with community groups to gather feedback on relevant issues and concerns to better understand how services impact students.

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