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Writing and reading across the curriculum

Compose a summary/critique essay with a minimum of two body pages on Peter Capelli’s essay “Why Focusing Too Narrowly in College Could Backfire” on p. 435.

Include the required sections of the essay in this order:

1. Introduction (Include a thesis at the end that states your view on how successful Capelli’s piece was overall.),

2. summary of Capelli’s piece,

3. your assessment of Capelli’s writing skill,

4. your assessment of the author’s values,

5. And a conclusion that sums up the strengths and weaknesses of Capelli’s piece.

See the chart on p. 68 for more description of each section.

This is two body pages APA format with the cover page, abstract, Citations and References page. Total papers will be 5 pages. Due on Wednesday at 1:00 pm noon


Have they launched a new product? Have they been involved in a scandal? Have they recently been fined for lack of compliance? Are their stocks fluctuating or holding steady?

If nothing has changed, compare different aspects of the companies. Is one stronger or weaker in an area than the other? Is there something on which they could work together?

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