Annotated Bibliography Writing Services: Utilizing technology to enhance instruction and presentation

Project-based learning has many benefits especially for students who are English language learners including:

  1. Students taking responsibility for being active learners
  2. Engaging in critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Making informed decisions
  4. Utilizing technology to enhance instruction and presentation

Watch the video below, An Introduction to Project-Based Learning.

As an ELL teacher, you are aware of the huge benefits of using this type of instruction to guide authentic content and language learning that is student-centered and highly engaging for both ELL and general education students.  This type of learning has been declined by the principal in the past, but you feel equipped with research-based information to support your request. Provide a brief 200-word email to your school’s administration explaining why the ELL classes, both self-contained and inclusive classrooms, should be allowed to pilot this type of curriculum for a three-month trial citing at least two benefits of this teaching process. Include at least one scholarly source to support your cause.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates by taking the role of school principal and addressing at least three areas of concern that you’ve discovered in your ELL teacher’s presentation. Make sure the points you address include critical thinking, the impact of project-based learning (PBL) on future educators and students, and are supported by scholarly sources.  Be sure to revisit your post to read the teacher’s response.

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