Easy Writing Services-Contemporary Culture

Choose one item from “List A” and one item from “List B” below. Do an Internet search for sites in English on these Russian cultural topics and get enough information to write 2 paragraphs about each. Be sure to include the full web address of sites that you pulled information from for each subject.


List A Contemporary Culture

List B Traditional Russian Culture (Before 1900)

  • Architecture
  • Museums
  • Folk Art
  • Folk Music
  • Folk Dance
  • Clothing
  • Hand-crafts
  • Holidays
  • Activities
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Fairy Tales
  • Folk Traditions
  • Poetry
  • Famous Writer
  • Famous Composer
  • Famous Artist
  • Famous Russian (pre-Soviet era)
  • Tsar
  • Imperialism
  • Education
  • Weddings/Celebrations
  • Theatre
  • Ballet
  • Literature

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