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Labor and Employment Law


Choose one of the following topics to write about in a scholarly research paper that relates to the single member LLC and shows how law and accounting are both important in operating a business:

· Contracts

· Negotiable Instruments

· Sales and Leases

· Credit and Risk

· Warranties and Product Liability

· Labor and Employment Law

You should write a paper that addresses the following about your topic:

1. Introduce your topic. You may focus on one or more specific aspects of your topic, but you should introduce these aspects in your introduction.

2. Discuss the legal implications of your topic for the business you established in week 2. Identify relevant federal or state laws, which might apply to your business based on your topic. Use examples from your research to illustrate your points and define legal terms and concepts.

3. Discuss the professional accounting implications of your topic for the business you established in week 2. Include any aspects in which an accountant might be liable for not complying with the laws related to your topic and explain the consequences of noncompliance.

4. Discuss how law and accounting would work together in your business, but still maintain proper separation of duties.

5. We began the course with a discussion concerning ethics. Conclude your paper with a discussion of how you would create the right ethical environment in your business to ensure that your new business complies with the laws that apply based on the topic you selected.

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