Homework Help: Children’s Programming as Socialization

Be sure you always answer all questions posed.


Socialization is the ongoing process of teaching, often saturating citizens with the culture and ideology of any given society. Apply this concept to a discussion of the videos below.

Below there are two links. Go to each and watch it. Then, discuss the type of socialization each provides. To be specific, what lessons are being taught to the young audiences? How might these seemingly harmless children’s shows affect their future beliefs and behavior?

  1. Palestinian Children’s Program

ALWAYS use the D.A.D. (Define, Apply, Discuss) method in completing your assignments. In other words, always (1) use and DEFINE relevant sociological concepts, theories and methods, (2) APPLY it/them to a specific example from our text or current events, and finally (3) DISCUSS the significance or consequences (think “life chances”) of your argument.

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