Assignment Help:Summarize the substance of the Economic Recovery Tax Act as explained by Reagan


  1. Summary (40 points): Summarize the substance of the Economic Recovery Tax Act as explained by Reagan. Then, summarize The New York Time’s estimation of the reality of the Economic Recovery Tax Act’s impact.
  2. Context (40 Points): What problems with the American economy was Reagan trying to solve with the Act? How well did this reflect the economic reality of America in the 1980s?
  3. The Issue Today (30 Points): Have the key points in the debate about the role of taxes in economic recovery changed since the 1980s? If so, how? If it hasn’t changed, why do you think that is? Be sure to use specific examples.

The role of the historian is to analyze and interpret the facts of history. But one important fact of history is that there are always multiple sides to a single story. Historical actors often have differing perspectives on the issues they face in their own time. Students will explore one of the following historical debates, put that debate into historical context, and analyze the ways in which that debate has evolved into the modern day.

  • Step 1: Summarize the main points of each primary source related to your chosen topic. Include the basic factual information and describe the main issue being discussed along with the argument made by each source.
  • Step 2: Using the questions listed in the chosen topic description, explain the context in which these documents were written.
  • Step 3: Using the resources listed with your chosen topic, answer the questions listed in your topic description to identify how the issue in the documents relates to American life today.

Topics: Choose ONE of the following topics and associated documents to complete the project. Students should reference course materials such as the LibGuide, Intellipath, Learning Materials, or the Live Chats in their answers.

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