Dissertation Writing Homework Help: Nominal vs Real interest rates


Nominal vs Real interest rates

Stated vs APR interest rates

Stated vs Coupon rates

Effect of compounding

Bonds, Bond Valuation, Bond ratings

Risk and return and risk & return trade off


1)      Module 2: Financial Securities  (Content>Course Resources>Financial Securities Module)

a)      Financial Risk and Return

b)      Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds


2)      Course Text : Boundless Finance Online Text

(A PDF of the Boundless course textbook may also be found in Leo under Content > Syllabus)

a)        Chapter 6:  Bond Valuation


3)      TeachMeFinance.com – read topics:

a)     Kinds of Interest,  http://www.teachmefinance.com/kindsofinterestrates.html

b)     Bond Valuation, http://www.teachmefinance.com/bondvaluation.html


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Check out Alaina Mackin’s file called  FINC 331 Week 4 Homework Hints.pptx

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Do bonds have a place in your portfolio? Explain your logic. Some considerations to touch on: time horizon, risk tolerance, and return objective.

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