Best Essay Writing Service-Economic Evaluation Project

1. For each of the following goods, list the types of values which are MOST associated with those goods. Explain why the value you listed for each good is most relevant.

a. Whitewater rafting in the Royal Gorge in Colorado

b. High quality spring water used for bottled water in Florida

c. The salt flats in Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni)

d. Manatees in Cape Coral, Florida

e. Air quality in Beijing

f. Soil in Mesopotamia

2. What type of study would be most appropriate to determine the economic value of the goods listed in question 1? Explain fully.

3. For the 6 goods listed above, consider if a policy change were to take effect that would impact provision of the good in question. Who would have standing in a benefit/cost analysis? Explain fully.

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