Get Case Study Assignment Help-Case Study 2 on Cultural Norms, Fair & Lovely, and Advertising


1. Is it ethical to sell a product that is, at best, only mildly effective?
2. Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and values to promote a
product? Discuss.

3. Is the advertising of Fair & Lovely demeaning to women, or
is it promoting the fairness cream in a way not too dissimilar
from how most cosmetics are promoted?
4. Will HUL’s Fair & Lovely Foundation be enough to counter
charges made by AIDWA? Discuss.
5. In light of AIDWA’s charges, how would you suggest Fair &
Lovely promote its product? Discuss. Would your response
be different if Fairever continued to use “fairness” as a theme
of its promotion? Discuss.
6. Propose a promotion/marketing program that will counter all
the arguments and charges against Fair & Lovely and be an
effective program.
7. Now that a male market for fairness cream exists, is the
strength of AIDWA’s argument weakened?
8. Comment on using “Shakti Ammas” to introduce “fairness
cream for the masses” in light of AIDWA’s charges.
9. Listen to “In India, Skin-Whitening Creams Reflect Old
Biases,” NPR, November 12, 2009

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