Roundup Discussion Board #1

Prior to completing this discussion assignment, students should have read and understand the concepts discussed in the textbook’s (Applying Quality Management) chapters 1-5. Students should follow these instructions:

  • (30 points) Create an initial post by day 3. The initial post should be at least 200 words long (but it can be longer), and at minimum, it should follow these guidelines (but more can be discussed if the student desires):
  • (15 of 30 points) Exhibit 2.1 focuses on the types of healthcare quality oversight organizations in the United States (i.e. State Licensing Bodies, U.S. Department of Labor, and etc.). Read the descriptions for each; pick one in which you feel would be the best fit for you to work at. Next, discuss why you have selected that organization (to work for) along with the goals you would try to accomplish to improve healthcare quality by working for the selected organization.
  • For example “After reviewing the options, I feel I would like to work in “Medicare and Medicaid Compliance.” This is a special group of medical coverage recipients that I have been close to in my personal life. I have several elderly family members receiving Medicare benefits (i.e. my grandmother and I couple uncles). In general, the signup process is just too complicated (i.e. parts A, B, and C). I want to work to assure there are more healthcare navigators that can work in person with Medicare beneficiaries to assure that have the coverage that meets their health needs and is economical. “
  • (15 of 30) Chapter 4 discusses strategies that alert managers of underlying systemic structures: understanding history, being aware of mental models, and integrating double-loop learning into management. For this portion of the initial post, students should discuss which one of the three strategies they feel is already or will be a strength for them and tell why.
  • For example, “I feel understanding the history of an organization will be my strength as I transition into being the office manager at my Grandfather’s private practice. I remember when he initial started the business, and I participated in all the business’ major transitions (i.e. implementing an HER system, moving to a bigger facility, and etc.).”
  • Stronger post might focus on the strategy the student feels they need work the most at strengthening.
  • (30 points) Respond to at least twoother student’s post by day 7. Each of the responses should be a minimum of 100 words, and they should do at least one (but more discussion is welcomed) of the following:
  • Discuss items mentioned in the initial post that the students have in common.
  • Add encouragement to the other student about achieving their dream job or primary career goal.
  • For example, “I noticed you opted to mention you need to work on being aware of mental models. However, this is a strength for me. One exercise I do daily to keep this as a strength is try by trying to avoid to use words such as “always”, “but”, or “however.” This helps me to eliminate negative thinking and have a more open mind when it comes to resolving daily issues.”
  • Ask a question to garner more details about the initial post made and provide details behind why the question is being asked.
  • For example, “Thanks for sharing you drive a white car. I’m shopping for a new car, and I’m considering getting a white one. Do you find it is difficult to keep your car clean?”

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