Help with Essay- Analyzing a neuropsychological disorder

This week, you will analyze a neuropsychological disorder that is different from the topic you chose for your Final Project. Select a neuropsychological disorder from the following list, which is based on the DSM-5:


1. Schizophrenia

2. Major depressive disorder

3. Bipolar disorder

4. Anxiety – Choose and focus on one of the anxiety disorders, e.g., generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder.

5. Post-traumatic stress disorder

6. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

7. Substance use disorder (substance abuse and addiction) – Provide both an overview of this topic plus a focus on a single drug of your choice.

8. Neurodevelopmental disorder (autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)

9. Neurocognitive disorder – Choose and focus on one of the neurocognitive disorders, e.g., one of the dementias.

10. Neurological disorder – Choose and focus on one neurological disorder, e.g., multiple sclerosis, spina bifida.

11. Sleep-wake disorder – Choose and focus on one of the sleep-wake disorders.

12. Feeding and eating disorder – Choose and focus on one of the feeding and eating disorders.

13. Sexual dysfunction or gender dysphoria – Choose and focus on one of the conditions in these categories

After choosing a disorder, your assignment should include an examination of the following factors as they relate to your selected disorder:


· A description of the pathological features and clinical criteria for diagnosis

· The biopsychological theories of the pathology

· Nervous system structure(s), neurotransmitter(s), receptor(s), and pathways implicated in the disorder

· Possible causes (etiology), including genetic, environmental, familial, lifestyle, and other identifiable risk factors

· Epidemiology of the disorder (demographics of those affected)

· Clinical presentation and natural history of the condition

· Potential complications (neurologic, psychiatric, and other medical or nonmedical)

· Current treatment options (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic)

· Future directions for research and clinical management

In keeping with the focus of this class, the emphasis of your paper will be on the following neuroscience aspects of the disorder:


· Theories of etiology (causes)

· Associated factors in development of the disorder (genetic, environmental, familial, lifestyle)

· Pathology (abnormalities of physical structure and function, including genetic and biochemical aspects)

· Treatment options (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic, with rationales for use based on current understanding of the disorder)

· Diagnostic and research technologies employed in clinical diagnosis, care, and basic science research


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