KIT714 ICT Research Principles – Semester 2, 2018
Assignment 4: Research Plan
Type: In-semester (Individual assignment OR Option to work in pairs)
Task Length: Approximately 4,000 – 5,000 words
Weighting: 35% of total assessment for this unit. This assignment sheet details
the requirements for the research plan document.
Due Date: 11:55pm, 19 Oct 2018.
Submission: Completed assignments need to be uploaded to MyLO by the due
This practical exercise will engage students in preparing a research plan document
that details their plans for the conduct of their proposed research project. Each
student will be required to complete the exercise and prepare a written report that
displays their level of research understanding and competence in relation to their
proposed research project.
One of the primary aims of any research should be to contribute in some way to the
existing body of knowledge within the field of investigation. In preparing an
approach to a research investigation it is important to thoroughly and critically
review current knowledge, identify an area requiring further research and consider
the most appropriate methods for collecting and analysing data that will enable
research questions to be addressed. The research plan document provides a
structure to consider these elements and to address the: What, Why, How, Where,
When and Who (if appropriate) of the proposed research.
Students are required to prepare a research plan document. The research plan
document should be approximately 4,000 – 5,000 words in length, be word processed
and use references and citations based on the Harvard system.

The recommended structure for the research plan document is as follows:
 Title (approximately 10-20 words)
o The title may be a work-in-progress that is subsequently modified. However,
it should convey the key elements of the proposed research.
 Research Abstract (approximately 100 – 200 words)
o This section introduces the research topic and briefly summarises the
rationale and significance of the proposed research and outlines its aims,
background, methodology and anticipated research contributions.
 Research Background and Significance (approximately 1,500 – 3,000 words)
o This section should present a review and critical appraisal of key literature
relevant to the proposed research.
o The significance of the proposed research should be contextualised within
the literature presented.
 Research Aims: Objectives and Questions (approximately 300 – 500 words)
o This section should clearly articulate the specific aims of the proposed
research in a manner that concisely describes what the proposed research
intends to accomplish;
o The research objectives and research questions should be clearly presented;
o If hypotheses are being utilised they should be presented in summary here
and subsequently examined in more detail in the research methodology
section of the research plan document (see below).
 Research Methodology (approximately 1,500 – 2,500 words)
o This section should clearly present sub-sections addressing the Research
Philosophy, Research Strategy and Research Design for the proposed
o The Research Design sub-section should explicitly detail the approach, tools
and techniques that will be used to collect, collate, analyse, discuss and
interpret (where appropriate) research data.
o This section should also indicate the status of any ethical issues/constraints
relating to the conduct of the research
 Time-line, Facilities, Budget
o This section provides an overview of the proposed research time-line;
identifies any facilities/equipment required to successfully conduct the
proposed research; and, details of any budget issues/constraints relating to
the conduct of the research.
 References
o This section provides a list of bibliographic references and other resources
referenced in the research plan document.

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